Places to Download Music Videos

One of the nicest things about having video MP3 CD players is that you don't have to settle for only hearing the music when you play your favorite songs. You can also bring along your favorite videos, as well. Of course, you first need to know how to download music videos which can be played on your player.

Know the Formats Supported

When you decide to download this file, you should first know what formats are supported by your player. There are several, including WMV, AVI, and MPEG-4. If you download this file in a format not supported by your digital mp3 player, you simply won't be able to view them. That is unless you also get a converter.

Converters are basically software programs that change the file format. These are already very popular for music files because not all of the file formats available are supported by all of the players and because some music enthusiasts prefer specific file formats to others because of supposed improvements in sound quality.

Of course, if you just want to download music videos without the hassle of doing any conversions, your best bet is to know the formats first then start browsing for music.

Know Where to Look

If you're going to download music videos, you will usually need to pay for them. Most of the same online vendors who will sell you MP3 files will be more than happy to also sell you the download music video but at a higher price. For example, individual songs may cost less than a $1 at most of these stores but videos cost at least twice that much. You could shop around for a better value but the price has become fairly standard across the download music videos industry.

One of the downsides to videos, however, is that you won't be able to find them in many other places. While you can go to sites like, download music videos, and play them on your computer, you won't be able to view them on your MP3 player. The same is true for the clips you find. Remember just because you can download music videos and view them on your computer doesn't mean they will work as well on your actual mp3 player.

Another option you could consider is using some of the peer to peer downloading programs. These can be used without any kind of risk as long as you are only downloading videos from artists that are not part of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Otherwise, you could end up in a lot of legal trouble just because you want to download music videos.

Getting What You Want

If you definitely want to download music videos for your portable MP3 player, your best choice is going through the online vendors. They have the largest selection and are typically compatible with most of the portable mp3 players on the market. While the price may be a bit steep, sometimes paying extra is worth it.