How To Download Music Video for Ipod In 3 Easy Steps

If you're looking to learn how to download music video for Ipod, you've come to the right place.One of the coolest things about Ipods is the fact that you can use them for things other than music-even watching music videos! Read on for the lowdown on exactly how it's done.

Now first of all, before you begin, you may well need to get some specialised MP4 conversion software. Most music videos, movies etc are in avi or WMV format, which is cool but they don't work with your little Ipod-it needs MP4 videos to play. You can get software to convert avi's/wmv's etc to MP4 at all different places on the net, so just search for it on Google.

Once you have all the files in the correct format, you will need to import them into Itunes the normal way. This should be quick and easy, but it's very important that you convert them to the correct file formats BEFORE you put them on Itunes. Things can get tricky otherwise.

Now that you have all the files into Itunes, just hook your Ipod up and transfer them over. How to download music video for Ipod is literally that simple!

The real tricky thing is not how to download music video for Ipod it's where to download music video for Ipod. Most people have no idea where they can get such things. Sure you can buy them from Itunes or whatever, but do you really want to pay for something that's available for free elsewhere?

If you do some research you can find websites with MILLIONS of Ipod files for you to download, from music videos to movies to songs. It can be tricky to find a good site that's not full of spyware, but I've worked out a few of the best ones, so check out the links below so you can find them and get your free downloads.

So there we are-you now know how to download music video to Ipod. As I said, it's not the how that's tough, it's the where, but check out the links below and you'll soon be enjoying all the free downloads you could want!

Costume and Setting in New Order's New Faith Music Video

Look how the music video for New Faith begins! The video begins in a pose and then jumps into action. Yes it's a pose! The figures begin to slap or hit each other on the face. But more than that! The figures are posing as 'slappers' or 'hitters'. Fantastic color and the costumes are a part of the overall pose which itself helps to create the setting for the video.

See the movement too in New Order's classic music video ! Maybe you can say that there is more movement than dance. But what is dance? No movement is at the heart of choreography and what we have at the core of the video are dance movements, including the slapping sequence at the beginning. Yes the movements in New Faith are a dance. Yes this is choreography! Still you could say that what is happening is more movement than dance. It is perhaps movement as color or movements through new rhythms and directions. Setting is important too but one of the most important settings is the constant movement in color and the hypnotic development in rhythm and melody.

The costumes too: Some might call them shapeless but these costumes themselves lend a shape to the movement in the video. And it is the job of the director and other designers to combine the rhythm and movement of the choreography as well as the costuming into the music itself. And the main setting is the music! But that is not all! The setting is also a strange baroque world, shapeless and full of color and rhythm. Yet this shapelessness also has a certain shape too. Yes the whole setting is certainly baroque. It is decadent and colorful as you picture the 'baroque' to be ;

The costumes again; The accent is on the baroque. There seems to be an emphasis too on the 'robotic'. However there is something strange and baroque, grotesquely beautiful but human too about the costumes. Yes the human element is important. In the costuming too there is much color and shapelessness and this shapelessness is moving towards shape. The costumes are not really robotic; they are baroque. For example, the legs in many of the costumes don't accent the legs i.e. they don't taper down to give shape to the legs. Rather the legs balloon out and there is nothing robotic about this. Look again at the baroque costuming! One of the main figures is the woman in black ; Human as she is ; For look how she gestures in a human and not a robotic way! This is a romantic video aiming to be fantastic and baroque.

Observe too the large bib that 'stands out' in another figure's plush maroon and white mix costume. And look where the pocket is! Can one call this object a pocket instead of a bib that the figure puts his hand into? Can one really call the structure a bib? It is more a collar; Collars give shape! And this 'piece' is more a collar than a bib.

And the costumes again: The costume are not shapeless ; they are classic in the traditions almost of harlequinade and anti-fashion. And anti-fashion is almost a central part of what fashion is.

Look at the overall dance movements and choreography in the video. The music has shades, layers...constant layering in the music and the rhythm and melody is relentless and non-stop and that is what the choreography must be too! it must be relentless, hypnotic and non-stop in its movement and action. There is constant development too in the music and there must be also be constant development too in the dance and setting too. You feel that there are different threads and layers in the music and the same must happen for the choreography and the overall production of the music video.

The movement is relentless and the dancing too. Look at the harlequins dancing backwards. Yes they are dancing backwards. Dance is rhythm and dancing can go back as well as forward. This piece of choreography almost takes this literally.

The movements and the dance: See too how they dance in the video! At the beginning, two figures slap each other and then they suddenly look so human and frail. When the figures almost 'double-slap' each other, there is again a strange baroqueness about this. There is also a humanness and frailty in this dance-movement. Yes, I think you can call this opening sequence a dance-movement. And that is what dance is! It's really something very human; when people suddenly touch each other, in this case, slap each other..yes there is something close and human about this. It is indeed important to bring in the human element into a dance movement.

The movements of the figures are classic but also wild yet restrained. Look how the figures jump with their bodies close to knees and ankles. There is true movement here ; you could say real slapstick movements because the movements in the body are accented. This is not the human body but a body that can become so distorted and then re-shaped through new movements and actions.

Color: There is also the black color which appears throughout the video especially in the forum of the figure dressed in black. Black is the color of elegance but it provides too a strange contrast against the wondrous baroque colors. There is also the face paint. What is important in the video is how devices such as face paint are used to accent parts of the body. Costume items such as the head coverings and the paint distort and re-shape the figures.

Look too at the primary colors of red blue and yellow at the start of the video. And there are the boots too! All of this adds to the relentless dance movements in the video ; the constant movement and upwards rhythm in the video. There is constant layering in the video and there is something multi-layered and polyphonic too about the music itself.

Color in the Music Video

It is sometimes easy to forget the importance of color in music videos. Yes color is something singularly important and I think it was an important element in creating the music video up to the mid nineties. It possibly lost its importance when the era of the big dance hits of the nineties went. However what is to be noted is how music videos were able to use color. It may be linked to the whole fantastic and seductive quality of the music video but this is not the main reason. However what is to be noted is the use of color in the production of the video. Color is especially important in the production of the videos for the big dance hits of the early to mid nineties and it is to these videos that I refer.

Yes you have costume and setting and these are important. However color also has its place. It is wrong to say that it is at the forefront of the video because it is a different type of element to setting and costume . For costume and setting have color but the music video itself has has color characteristics. Yes color is something that is very much linked into the whole creation of the video.

The director can use lighting and color to heighten the setting. Costume is part of setting so if the performer is wearing leather, this is part of the setting. Then you can accent the setting through color lighting and give the video a color look. Yes lighting is important...and the color of light. You could say that we create the color of the setting and the interior.

I think that this latter point was understood as important in the creation of the music video up to the mid nineties. It disappeared when the music video became more sexualized and glamorized. Yes color is something elemental...and it is the color of light..the flash...It is not just costume. Sometimes now color is directly linked to costume but in the past color was directly linked to the setting and the whole production of the video. You could say that it was linked to the actual cinematography. Maybe you can call it the colorization of music videos.

Color is is stress..and it is cinema...There is color movement and color development and these are areas that can be studied in themselves. However the choice of setting is important including costume/clothing as part of this setting but it is difficult to be certain that the setting comes first. This is because color is so fundamentally important.

It is the eighties and nineties that I am referring to. We can go back to the eighties and nineties to see a world of dance creation and color creation. It is elemental and simple...but pure...and raw..and then sophisticated. In some way it is strange that it was music videos which were able to use the power of color in this way. What is important too is how costume and clothing were a part of the setting. Yes the unique thing about some nineties music videos including the dance hits of the early nineties was their understanding of setting; the way they made setting something compact. And out of this so-called setting exploded a whole mix of color or elements like clothing and objects emphasized through the medium of color.

The Style Of A Music Video : Dress And Setting

A music video must have a look, and it must have a style. The actors in it should have a style. I call them actors because the singers and models in the video are in a setting. It may be a synthetic or manmade setting although the setting is made as real as possible. However it is still synthetic. And there is a mood in the video too! The mood is created through the scenographic mix, which is the mix of setting and costume or dress. Whatever about the intricacies of costume, there are the intricacies in setting too. For example, the setting has time and space. It may be at night or afternoon. Maybe the time doesn't matter but let us look at a music video as an example where the time is important. This is Marc Almond and Gene Pitney's 1980s song 'Something's got a hold of my heart'.

The night is important for the overall setting in 'Something's got a hold of my heart'. The night is where things happen and when people go out and enjoy themselves ; when they dance and sing. Note that there is a 'where' and a 'when'. The night is a setting in itself. One can ask then how the night is represented in 'Something's got a hold of my heart'. See the beginning! A red limousine enters into a side street. Or one can say that the red limousine enters into shining lights in a rain-soaked street. The street too is in the entertainment area of theatre and nightclubs.

This sets up a setting but it doesn't automatically set up a mood. However in some way this beginning sets up the purpose of the video. For there is a purpose! There is a type of 'impetus' and 'meaning' which carries the video forward. Yes there is purpose and maybe it comes from the entrance of the limousine. Overall the music is certainly what carries the video. The music is central. That is what can't be overlooked, the fantastic sway and rush of the music. However the video in itself has purpose too.

There is a certain deception at first sight about the entrance of the red limousine. What is the red limousine? It is not clear. Maybe it is the edgy red which matters. However, what matters is that Marc Almond then enters behind the limousine; this limousine, which has a theatre-red color about it, and this limo attracts us too. Its color is edgy and stylish. Against the rainy side street, the 'red' gives a purpose to the opening scenes. For it is not just the limousine that attracts us. It is the 'red' and this 'red' will later appear in Pitney's bow-tie as well as his large waistband. So there is a purpose and there is also irrevocable movement forward. The music helps but the color, the edginess help the video forward.

What is style? Is it in this video? Is it created? Or is it something that Marc Almond and Gene Pitney have as performers and what about the third figure in the video, the exotic dancer/performer. Does she have style as seen through the video? Because of the sophistication of the modern age, the new millennium, style is something taken for granted and replicated like a machine process but it can be something artistic too. Look at the music video for Almond and Pitney's version of 'Something's got a hold of my heart'. This video has style. What do we mean? It is the cinematography, the lighting and the style whether dress or posture of Almond and Pitney. There is a humanity also about the video which is difficult to reproduce and imitate.

The video has style and the three main characters especially Almond and Pitney, because of their longer screen time, have their style. Almond and Pitney seem to have chosen their own individual look. How? One can say they have done this through an edginess in their dress which is effected through color.

Looking at 'Something's got a hold on my heart', what are its elements or parts? You have a personality for the video- you have a look. You have the atmosphere and you want professionalism too maybe a classic element! Or maybe more! And you want style, poise and more, and you want the singers and the models if any, to have style and poise. What kind of video would you create for 'Something's got a hold of my heart'? Maybe a video shot at night?

Suppose it is the night then.. and the music is 'Something's got a hold of my heart.' Pitney has a look; the red tie is part of it and Almond has his look, the leather jacket is part of it. There is Pitney's the white tuxedo, the black shirt. There is also the high waist of Almond and the black heavy woollen cowl. This is a casual look; but it is sophisticated because of the apparent choice of Almond to wear this as well as Pitney's apparent choice to create his own look and style. This aids in creating the video's overall style.

Almond is all in black in most of the video. The jacket is pulled back. He wears a 'separate' look, jacket, jeans and woollen cowl. There is the fabric mix also, wool, leather and a silver buckle belt on his high waisted trousers. But there is no emphasis anywhere to anywhere in particular and this is striking. There is a structured look!

There are elements that help to create the structure. Then there is the red limousine which reappears. Red is one of the colors of the video. There is the limousine, the lights, as well as Pitney's wide red band. There is Pitney's lapel which is pointed in an edgy way. There is Pitney's white tuxedo against black and then against red. White against black against red. There is something very pointed and edgy in Pitney's dress. The lapel is accenting the style. The black shirt is edgy and the red tie and band even more so. This is Pitney's style and it is an edgy one which is an essential part of the edginess of the video.

So the limousine enters and then Almond with his leather jacket pushed back to reveal a man's woollen high cowl. There are the bright lights. They shine; they don't just glitter. There is always motion too and motion is not in one direction. There is the progress of the night. It is a human night with rich edgy colors. Then there are the clothes, the actors, Almond and Pitney or the human element. And this human element comes through in their distinctive edgy looks. and the clothes are 'human' they are chosen for the personal look! Pitney's red belt captures an overall mood in the video and adds to the color and the overall 'personal look' of the video.

Both men have good figures for clothes. Their clothes do not cling to them and they seem to have chosen clothes for their color, structure and style rather than to emphasise body shape. The silhouette though is still there. It is an elegant man's silhouette which has a different effect in both, Pitney and Almond.

There is a high design quality in the clothes as well as high color correlation. There is also structure and uniformity. Both Pitney and Almond have a formal look as well as certain uniformity and balance in their look; they correlate with each other despite the fact that they are strong individual personalities. They have individual styles but both styles balance each other.

I believe that Pitney's choice of collar and the under collar/lapel has an edginess which is also important. The jacket/collar/trousers combination is important. It is noticeable also that Almond wears waist length jacket and Pitney hip length jacket; the old style performer against the new. This is strange but it emphasises a certain look and creates the style of the video.

Online Music Videos

If you listen to music, you probably watch music videos as well. These have come a long way, and believe it or not, they were around before MTV. If you grew up with MTV like I did, you began to see these videos has mini movies, they often reflect the feeling of the moment. Films come and go, and they can most certainly reflect life at the time they were filmed, but music
videos can do this like nothing else. If you want to know what life was like in a certain year, you just have to watch a video made at that time.

When music videos first appeared on MTV, they were most defiantly kooky. They served their purpose, but the art form was far from what it is now. They began to spiral in cost. What it cost to shoot one music video in the late 80s was the equivalent of what some of us make in a year. Some bands or singers put three or four of them out in a year, sometimes more. They are
small expensive slices of life, but don’t forget their main purpose. The music video is there to get you to buy the album.

I don’t spend much time watching MTV any longer. I guess I am way past the target audience, and that is fine. Though when I was a teenager, I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t watch. Funny how time changes everything. All the same, the music they feature is definitely not on my play list. It does, however, give you a feeling of what they younger generation is
thinking and feeling. Some is just smut, designed to sell albums, and yet others may give you a message you don’t even know you are getting.

You can find music videos [] online, and you can download some of them for free. They are advertisements for the artist, and by allowing you to download or view for free they are trying to get you to buy. I don’t watch many online, but if I see a band I like, I will watch just to see what they are up to. The quality of newer music videos astounds me, and I can’t believe how far they have come since the birth of MTV. If you want to watch some of the older videos to see what I’m talking about, you should tune into VH1. My husband watches on occasion, and we can’t help but laugh at ourselves, as we see our youth in those moving images.

How To Download Music Videos To iPod - Plain And Simple

If you prefer a more stimulating form of music than the standard audio, you might want to learn how to download music videos to iPod. Unless you have an iPod Nano you have the ability to move video files from your computer to your iPod and view them just as you would online. Learning how to download music videos to iPod is very simple. This article will explain how.

If you are familiar with the iPod process you will be accustomed to the use of Itunes to transfer files from your audio library onto your portable device. In the same way, the first step is importing the relevant movie files from your computer into your Itunes library. You must ensure that the files are in one of two formats, either MP4 or M4V format so they are readable by the iPod. Since most movie files after download are in mpeg, .wmv, or quicktime formats you will need to use a program to transfer the files from those into the appropriate iPod formats BEFORE you move them from Itunes to your iPod. It is preferable to even do this before moving the files from your computer to your Itunes library to avoid complications.

Once you have the files in the appropriate format, simply hook up your iPod to the computer via USB as you would for a normal transfer and drag the movie files from your Itunes library into the iPod folder.

One of the only differences in how to download music videos to iPod is that you will need a greater amount of space due to the increased file size of movies and if the space is not available your transfer will be rejected by the iPod. Most people who know how to download music videos to iPod are dealing with iPods with either 30, 60 or 80 Gigabyte hard drives and so this is usually not a problem.

Now that you have learned how to download music videos to iPod you can show off your favorite clips to friends, keep in touch with the coolest bands and much more!

How to Make a Homemade Music Video

Get a camera. First of all you will need a good camera with a good amount of mega pixels. I would advise you to use at least 8mp or better. Right now I use a Samsung Varioplan witch has a 65x optical soon good for zooming in and out from long distances while I record. I'm not exactly sure why that would come in handy, but hey you never know. Homemade videos are inventive.

Record footage. OK the next step is to go ahead and record some cool scenes that you want to use in your video. It helps to already have drawn out a basic idea of the video to help keep focused on the look you're going for. Shoot as many scenes as you like, the more the better. Trying looking at some of you favorite music videos to get better ideas of different types of camera angles.

Video Editing. After you've recorded all the footage you want for your homemade video its time to edit. You do this by using a video editing software like pinnacle studios which you can buy from your local Best Buy or Fry's Electronics. Or if you're like me and you like things a little bit more free you can use Windows Movie Maker on any computer installed with Windows XP or a later version.

To find Windows Movie Maker on you computer just got to the Start menu>All Programs>Windows Movie Maker.

OK after you've opened the video editing software of your choice load all of you video from you camera to your computer. Then from you computer drag them into the video editor. You should be able to trim clips out of the major shots you made for you homemade video already. Try to make the scenes look very dynamic. Try not to have just one clip playing too long. One thing you'll notice is that in professional music videos the scenes change a lot. It makes everything appear more action packed.

Add Music. While you are editing the clips go ahead and drag the song file to the music you made your homemade music video to and play it as the background music. Make sure you mute all the videos clips because you don't want to actually hear whats going on in the video, it takes away from the illusion of the artist actually singing the music that you hearing.

After that your done. Just finalize your video by saving it, then upload it to the internet for the world to see you new homemade music video!

Low-Budget Music Videos

It's something we all want to make, isn't it? We've grown up with them, Music videos. The flash, the pomp, the sex appeal and the outright coolness of a music video star. It's one of the things that draws us to making music, that desire for recognition. Sure it's easy to say we just make music for ourselves, but lets be honest. We make music because we want people to like it, and vicariously us.

The problem is that an indie band just doesn't have the money to put out a real awesome video. Or at least that's what most people believe.

With the proliferation of cheap and functional video editing software the production part isn't a real problem anymore. Having a camera that can connect to your computer isn't a big deal anymore either. If you wanted to, you could shoot a music video with a phone. It wouldn't look professional, but anything you shoot at home most likely wont anyway. Unless you happen to know a film student. In that case you really have no excuse.

So lets be honest, the only thing limiting anyone from doing a music video these days, is the imagination and guts to make one. It's not like there's a lack of places to put them. MySpace and YouTube come to mind readily.

So I guess you're wondering where you should start. Well, you can start by listening to your songs and deciding which would make a good video. Once you know which song you want to work with, listen to the song and think about what would make an appropriate video for it.

If you do folk songs, getting some people together around a campfire and doing the song would work just fine. I did a video for a song called god is a dom in my basement with a webcam that a friend was holding. We set up some props and I just did some weird stuff with them. It looks silly, cheesy and the editing is horrible, but it is still a music video.

Well I hope you've learned that there are no excuses for not making videos for your music. They don't need to be professional. The Whole point of a Music video, is for your audience to see you, to experience your vision. So what are you waiting for? Go out and make something cool.