How To Download Music Videos To iPod - Plain And Simple

If you prefer a more stimulating form of music than the standard audio, you might want to learn how to download music videos to iPod. Unless you have an iPod Nano you have the ability to move video files from your computer to your iPod and view them just as you would online. Learning how to download music videos to iPod is very simple. This article will explain how.

If you are familiar with the iPod process you will be accustomed to the use of Itunes to transfer files from your audio library onto your portable device. In the same way, the first step is importing the relevant movie files from your computer into your Itunes library. You must ensure that the files are in one of two formats, either MP4 or M4V format so they are readable by the iPod. Since most movie files after download are in mpeg, .wmv, or quicktime formats you will need to use a program to transfer the files from those into the appropriate iPod formats BEFORE you move them from Itunes to your iPod. It is preferable to even do this before moving the files from your computer to your Itunes library to avoid complications.

Once you have the files in the appropriate format, simply hook up your iPod to the computer via USB as you would for a normal transfer and drag the movie files from your Itunes library into the iPod folder.

One of the only differences in how to download music videos to iPod is that you will need a greater amount of space due to the increased file size of movies and if the space is not available your transfer will be rejected by the iPod. Most people who know how to download music videos to iPod are dealing with iPods with either 30, 60 or 80 Gigabyte hard drives and so this is usually not a problem.

Now that you have learned how to download music videos to iPod you can show off your favorite clips to friends, keep in touch with the coolest bands and much more!