How to Make a Homemade Music Video

Get a camera. First of all you will need a good camera with a good amount of mega pixels. I would advise you to use at least 8mp or better. Right now I use a Samsung Varioplan witch has a 65x optical soon good for zooming in and out from long distances while I record. I'm not exactly sure why that would come in handy, but hey you never know. Homemade videos are inventive.

Record footage. OK the next step is to go ahead and record some cool scenes that you want to use in your video. It helps to already have drawn out a basic idea of the video to help keep focused on the look you're going for. Shoot as many scenes as you like, the more the better. Trying looking at some of you favorite music videos to get better ideas of different types of camera angles.

Video Editing. After you've recorded all the footage you want for your homemade video its time to edit. You do this by using a video editing software like pinnacle studios which you can buy from your local Best Buy or Fry's Electronics. Or if you're like me and you like things a little bit more free you can use Windows Movie Maker on any computer installed with Windows XP or a later version.

To find Windows Movie Maker on you computer just got to the Start menu>All Programs>Windows Movie Maker.

OK after you've opened the video editing software of your choice load all of you video from you camera to your computer. Then from you computer drag them into the video editor. You should be able to trim clips out of the major shots you made for you homemade video already. Try to make the scenes look very dynamic. Try not to have just one clip playing too long. One thing you'll notice is that in professional music videos the scenes change a lot. It makes everything appear more action packed.

Add Music. While you are editing the clips go ahead and drag the song file to the music you made your homemade music video to and play it as the background music. Make sure you mute all the videos clips because you don't want to actually hear whats going on in the video, it takes away from the illusion of the artist actually singing the music that you hearing.

After that your done. Just finalize your video by saving it, then upload it to the internet for the world to see you new homemade music video!