Online Music Videos

If you listen to music, you probably watch music videos as well. These have come a long way, and believe it or not, they were around before MTV. If you grew up with MTV like I did, you began to see these videos has mini movies, they often reflect the feeling of the moment. Films come and go, and they can most certainly reflect life at the time they were filmed, but music
videos can do this like nothing else. If you want to know what life was like in a certain year, you just have to watch a video made at that time.

When music videos first appeared on MTV, they were most defiantly kooky. They served their purpose, but the art form was far from what it is now. They began to spiral in cost. What it cost to shoot one music video in the late 80s was the equivalent of what some of us make in a year. Some bands or singers put three or four of them out in a year, sometimes more. They are
small expensive slices of life, but don’t forget their main purpose. The music video is there to get you to buy the album.

I don’t spend much time watching MTV any longer. I guess I am way past the target audience, and that is fine. Though when I was a teenager, I couldn’t imagine a time when I wouldn’t watch. Funny how time changes everything. All the same, the music they feature is definitely not on my play list. It does, however, give you a feeling of what they younger generation is
thinking and feeling. Some is just smut, designed to sell albums, and yet others may give you a message you don’t even know you are getting.

You can find music videos [] online, and you can download some of them for free. They are advertisements for the artist, and by allowing you to download or view for free they are trying to get you to buy. I don’t watch many online, but if I see a band I like, I will watch just to see what they are up to. The quality of newer music videos astounds me, and I can’t believe how far they have come since the birth of MTV. If you want to watch some of the older videos to see what I’m talking about, you should tune into VH1. My husband watches on occasion, and we can’t help but laugh at ourselves, as we see our youth in those moving images.