How to Download Music Video Files

As technology progresses so, do the abilities of our mp3 CD players. Today you can download music video files to many of the players on the market. Being able to take your favorite videos with you wherever you go is indeed exciting. However how difficult is it to download music video files to your mp3 music player? That will depend on the player and the software that comes with it.


In order to download music video files to your iPod you will have to use one of the many programs available to convert the files to ones that will play on the device. This will depend on the iPod version you own and the type of file you are converting. For instance to download music video say from YouTube, you can use the iPod converter. If it is, movies you are interested in you may need to go with one of the others like Vidoera, which is a windows program.

Still other applications to download music video files are:

• Vixy - An online application which allows you to convert flash video files to the iPod format. These are the types of files commonly found on YouTube and a few other video sites. This program will not convert movies or videos from DVD.
• I Squint - This is a program that will help you create video for your iPod. Created exclusively for the MAC this software will let you take movies and videos and convert them to a file format your IPod will recognize.
• Media Fork/ Handbrake - If you want to convert your favorite TV show or movie from DVD you Media Fork / Handbrake will help you do that. This will allow you to download music video, DVD movies, or television shows to your iPod.

All of these programs and many more are available so you can download music video files or movies to your digital Mp3 player. Most are simple to use and come with easy to follow instructions.

Other Mp3 Players

There are many varieties of digital mp3 players on the market today iPod is just one of dozens. Should you have purchased another brand, such as Samsung mp3 player or an import you will find that many come with their own video conversion software built in or on a disc.

You will want to review your owner's manual very carefully before beginning to download music video or movie files to your mp3 player. You could potentially void any warranty if you proceed incorrectly.

Finally, you should use caution when you download music video files or movies from the internet. Not only could you potentially infringe on copyrights you could also end up with a virus in your home pc. The wisest choice will be to either download music video files and movies you already own or purchase them from a reputable site.